Monday, July 13, 2015

Just a really Funky Shed I found in a customers garden, a great way to paint and make a shed more appealing.
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A new lawn I fitted.
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This is a timber wall I built.
I had to remove an old crumbling brick arch and walls. I built a frame the same thickness as the old wall as request by the customer and clad it in the feather board front and back. the top has a pitched top again using feather edge. The gate was the old gate refitted.
I also had to refit loose paving around and in front.
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This is a conservatory I tiled. I also had to remove the old steps as they were to shallow for the customer. The challenge was the new steps needed to be rounded. As the tiles supplied were a crisp sharp edge I had to get top curved steps laser cut.
Using the large 600mm tiles made the conservatory feel larger as the existing pattern was far to busy. Also it wasn't straight I had to adjust the pitch from the external doors and internal step to make it straight and flow nicely.


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This a set of bi folding doors that a plastered round and rebuilt the threshold flush with the existing floor.
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This is a kitchen splashback I fitted to a kitchen. Supplied by the customer a retro cream metro tile with white grout in a brick style pattern with a flat satin aluminium brushed trim.
It looks really modern with a vintage twist.


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